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Specialized in Bespoke

Wilson's dressmaking journey dates back to 1995, having started out in various studios. He then established MAX COUTURE, retaining core couture principles while advancing its applications to create his own specialty.

Made-to-measure remains the core of MAX COUTURE's offering today, applied to a wide range of finery, from casual to formal, classic to modern, sleek to chic.

MAX COUTURE's signature style today involves the use of appliqué lacework, each picked out, hand-cut to shape, and hand-sewn onto your finished dress to create a one-of-a-kind piece.


In-house from Start to Finish

MAX COUTURE retains full ownership and control over every piece that goes out of its doors. There is no outsourcing of the dressmaking process, with Wilson personally overseeing each stage of creation, from design to fitting.

Each custom piece is typically created in 3 visits:

  1. Discuss and align on concept / Decide on overarching dress type and design

  2. Fitting / Select appliqué lacework

  3. Collect final piece / Further refinements

While Wilson is able to tap on his extensive design expertise throughout this process, he welcomes your constant input and enjoys co-creating pieces that you would love and be able to relate to.


Ready-made and Complementary Services

MAX COUTURE also carries a select range of ready-to-wear pieces in our studio. These can also be further altered if necessary, giving you the same, precise fit that you would get from made-to-measure pieces.


Visit us at our retail store to speak with us, have a feel of our quality materials, or simply to share and build ideas together.

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